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As you may know, I don’t like to be fake.
I always believe in natural beauty.

I have always dreamed of more volume in my hair.
I always thought that people will take hair-extensions because of the length.

Did my research on the internet for a volume treatment and extensions doesn’t mean that you can create the length you want but also the volume.
On the end, I thought, of course, just put extensions there and you will have the volume. LOL

As I did my research for hair-extension I found out that you have a lot of hairdressers who provide this.

For those who know me, they know that I always go for the best.
And that is why I chose BEAUTY BY ROOS. 

They have salons in the following cities:
Den Haag
Den Bosch 

Why Beauty By Roos?
Professionals in hair extensions
Hairextensions subscription
Guarantee on treatments
National coverage
Hair extensions in stock
Award winner Extensionist of the Year
Advice and treatment in 1 appointment



They used 75 Hairloxx hair-extensions (30-40 cm) in the color Moscow.
Find more information HERE and calculate your total price right HERE.

Don’t forget that during the two ours treatment you can enjoy your coffee/tea or champagne etc with snacks and the hair-extensions professionals are so extremely kind!

I’ve been to the salon in Rotterdam and Ellen, thank you so much for your help and kind words as I was quite nervous for this. Don’t mess up my hair Ellen, I think I am not going to do it Ellen, I am going, it doesn’t look fake right? Ellen HELP ME!

But, on the end, I WAS SO HAPPY! 
Thank you Ellen!

Lots of Love,



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